Men Gatecrash The WSOP Ladies Event – Again

PokerStars Pro, Liv Boeree.

Published: 30th June 2012

As a poker enthusiast every summer I take a keen interest in the goings on at the WSOP festival of poker. This year there are over 60 events for players to partake in across various formats of the game; from the most popular Hold’em and the ever-flourishing Omaha tournaments to the more obscure less popular games like Stud, Razz and H.O.R.S.E.

Ever since 1977 the schedule has featured a ladies event, an event in which that you would imagine that only female players play, right?…WRONG!

For whatever reason year-after-year, this year being no different, we see a handful of men gatecrashing the party citing a notion that women-only events are discriminatory. Unfortunately there’s nothing the World Series of Poker can do about men (I use that term loosely) entering the ladies event because of a Nevada Gaming Commission policy that prevents exclusion.

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Stop the killing and free West Papua


Published: 13th June 2012

Formerly known as Irian Jaya Barat, West Papua is a province of Indonesia covering the western peninsula of the island of New Guinea. It lays just 155 miles north of Australia and is the second largest island in the world.

Since the 1960s the Papuan people have been forced to live in a world that would only appear in my deepest and darkest of nightmares. A place where shootings, killings and military violence is of the norm.

Yet it is only now that the rest of the world has finally awoke to the cries of the indigenous population of West Papua.

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Interview with You Win Again Gravity

Published: 3rd June 2012

This past week I teamed up with Windsor’s very own You Win Again Gravity. The young, charismatic, fun loving five-piece are renown for staging one of the loudest head-swinging gigs around. Trust me, if you’re yet to grace them at one of their live shows you really ought to add it to your list of things to do.

You Win Again Gravity are (as pictured above from left to right): Dan Dreelan (Vocals & Guitar), Rich Hall (Bass), Jack Jennings (Main Vocals & Guitar), James Mackenzie (Drums) and Johnny Bastable (Guitar).

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