The Secrets of Online Dating

Published: 23rd August 2012

Between June 2008 and April 2010 I was employed by Global Personals of Windsor, a hugely successful business that runs various online dating sites including and The company also has thousands of live partner sites via their White Label platform which allows individuals and companies to build their very own dating site and to be up-and-running in no time at all.

Up until now it has never crossed my mind about putting together a written piece about the secrets of online dating, mainly out of respect for my previous employer and past colleagues. The reason for my change in attitude is the constant threads that are posted to forums that I often debate/endeavour to answer questions on,  “Is [site name] full of fake profiles?”, “Is online dating a scam?” etc. In future I will be able to direct those users here, where I’m hoping that they’ll find all the answers to their queries.

The purpose of this article has nothing to do with exposing the moral wrong doings of online dating practices, but to warn people that the fairy tale advertisements that you often see on the television will rarely be fulfilled in reality.

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Is money ruining football?

Published: 8th August 2012

The debate about how money is affecting football has rumbled on for a fair time now. For many people, particularly Manchester City supporters, the investment that a rich Arab owner can provide is seen as a wonderful thing – a dream come true. Whereas other folk consider the riches that certain clubs enjoy as a devilish stain tarnishing modern day football.

Whilst high-profile Premier League footballers such as John Terry, Carlos Tevez and Steven Gerrard pick up wages in excess of £130,000 per week, the future existence of football league clubs Portsmouth and Port Vale remain very much in the balance.

In this article I look at how money may have a reverse impact on football and how the game is now starting to become a victim of its own success.

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