Save the Children launch appeal to help children in the UK

Published: 10th September 2012

Last week I was over the moon to hear that for the first time in its 93-year existence the Save the Children charity had launched an appeal to help UK children.

Over the course of the past seven or eight years, particularly since the recession hit, I have become overwhelmingly alarmed as to how visibly poorer our streets have become. There is now an estimated 3.5 million UK children living in poverty, and that’s despite the Government splashing out over £150 billion on benefits and tax credits since the turn of the millennium.

The ‘It Shouldn’t Happen Here’ campaign will help boost low income children’s school careers and provide basic essentials such as cookers, furniture and toys for their families. Fantastic – was my initial reaction, until I went on to learn that the total figure the charity aimed to raise through this crusade was set at a poultry £500,000.

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