Major international tournament qualification: Is it time for change?

Published: 14th October 2012

After a somewhat frustrating and stuttering opening half hour on Friday evening England ended up defeating perennial no-hopers San Marino in comfortable fashion. With a touch more quality and composure the Three Lions could have, and certainly  should have added to the five goals to nil final scoreline.

Following this demolition job I took to Twitter to air my views on the performance, and of course to see what others thought about the match. To my surprise much of the discussion surrounded the ITV pundits and commentary team, in particular former England central defender Gareth Southgate following his supposed ‘derogatory and disrespectful’ comments towards the San Marino international team. Southgate in effect claimed the La Serenissima had no right to be playing at this sort of level. And I seemed to be one of the few that actually agreed him.

And so I thought what the heck let’s write about it and give my points-of-view on the whole World Cup qualification system, and why I’d suggest that a whole fresh re-vamp would be in the best interests for near enough all of the competing nations.

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