Sister Gracie – Attack (an interview with Max Walker)

Sister Gracie - Attack


Back in 2012 I brought you interviews with three very different music acts, electric pop princess Kristina Smith of Mooli, rap artist LnC and progressive melodic metal band You Win Again Gravity, in a bid to help each get the exposure that they well and truly deserved. Of that trio it has been Mooli which has gone onto see some relative success with their August 2013 single Automatic amassing over half-a-million YouTube hits to date.

Today I am immensely excited to to introduce you all to Sister Gracie. The reason as to why I am so enthused about this lot is because this band are more me than any other artist that I have interviewed or reviewed. This is the kinda’ stuff I enjoy listening to.

Sister Gracie singer Max Walker, 23, has a voice with an abundance of character – it’s dark, fraught and mesmeric. It enters the blood stream rapidly and once one song is over you find yourself scratching around for your next fix.

The best way I can possibly describe Max’s voice is a cross between an authoritative projecting Morrissey and then throw in a bit of  mystery similar to that of Tom Smith from indie rock band Editors. It’s very Joy Division. All of this creates one heck of a concoction.

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The Return of the Online Dating Scam

Global Personals

Published: 30th July 2013

I’m sure that many of you will remember my interview with Sarah Smith, Business Correspondent for Channel Four News last November, a snippet on camera as I sought to help expose the truly immoral practice of Global Personals, an online dating company that I had previously worked for. On the back of that appearance I spoke live to an audience on an Irish radio breakfast show, answering questions and giving my opinion on internet dating and advice on how people really do need to be very careful and vigilant when signing up to these types of websites.

Six months later and you’d be forgiven if you thought that things had come to an end, particularly as you haven’t heard much about it from me since. If that was your assumption, then you’d be wrong, very wrong. My fight for justice on behalf of tens of thousands of consumers is only just beginning.

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Feminism and The Fight for Gender Equality

Emily Davison


Published: 27th June 2013

A little over one hundred years ago Emily Davison ran out onto the track at the Epsom Derby, stepping out in front of King George V’s horse as she bid to further raise the profile of the women’s suffrage and their campaign which primarily included a woman’s right to vote. It wouldn’t be until 1928 that women received full voting equality.

Since Davison’s death Britain has seen Nancy Astor – the first woman to take her seat in the House of Commons, Brenda Dean – the first female General Secretary of a British trade union, Clara Furse – the first woman to be appointed Chief Executive of the London Stock Exchange and the British public has proudly celebrated the achievements of top female Olympians Kelly Holmes and Jessica Ennis. And most famously we had the late Margaret Thatcher, our first woman Prime Minister, in power from 1979 until 1990.

Despite all this feminists and gender equality campaigners insist that progress is slow; pointing out that women hold less than a third of the UK’s most influential jobs and that women are sometimes still paid less than men for doing the same work – particularly in non-unionised occupations.

Personally, of course, I am pro gender equality, but for me this topic can often be blown way out of proportion by hard line feminists who argue matters that I would deem negligible, using the word oppression far too freely and fiercely – as if it were going out of fashion. Today I’ll be exploring this subject further and in some instances questioning the motives of radical feminism.

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It’s Fergie’s Time

Sir Alex Ferguson


Published: 11th May 2013

Wednesday 8th May. A day in which the football world was rocked with the saddening news that the great Sir Alex Ferguson will never again be seen chewing on copious amounts of gum whilst bellowing out instructions to yet another triumphant group of Red Devils, or as a matter-of-fact, be seen ferociously twitching beside some poor fourth official like a paronoid schizophrenic who had come face-to-face with an unforgiving Time Lord, eager for him to clock up those infamous Fergie time minutes.

On Sunday May 19th the Scotsman will take charge of his last ever match as Manchester United manager, away at The Hawthorns, home of West Bromwich Albion.

In his 26 years at Old Trafford, Sir Alex notched up an astonishing haul of 38 trophies, including 13 Premier League Titles, five FA Cups and a couple of European Cups – a record that will likely never be rivalled.

Now I’ve finished kissing SAF’s arse…

As regular readers of my work will be well aware already; I’m someone who doesn’t like to write about a subject, or an event, in the same routine morbid manner as others, particularly when I’m writing about the subject closest to my heart. Football.

And so with that in mind I extend my ramblings to a wider and more neutral view point, and summarise the real reasons as to why Manchester United Football Club have dominated English football for the past two decades. Surely this isn’t just down to a solitary Glaswegian fella’, is it?

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Deferring responsibility and video games – Who’s really to blame?

Deferring Responsibility and Video Games

Published: 21st February 2013

This is a guest post. Author: Leah Bevington

Deferring responsibility is in our culture, nobody wants to be blamed for anything any more, and it’s frighteningly easy.

People are accepting of whatever ludicrous reason a half-baked newspaper – written by half-wit journalists – can spew onto their pages, or equally, whatever any politician can concoct just so it looks like they know what they’re talking about.

And I think this is very true of video games.

The media creates a swirling cloud of anxiety around video games claiming that – in no uncertain terms – they are pretty much responsible for everything wrong with children nowadays. Obesity, violence, depression and even cancer.

People are quick to accept these wild statements – and why shouldn’t they?

It saves us from having to examine our own short-comings and behaviour, because it’s much easier to blame something or someone else for whatever tragic event happens to be in the news at that time, rather than asking the patently obvious weighty questions that are needing to be explored.

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Enough to make you turn vegetarian?

Fully concious - no stunning or pain killers - these pigs have had hooks shoved through their lower jaws. They're now waiting to be killed.

Fully conscious – no stunning or pain killers – these pigs have had hooks shoved through their lower jaws. They’re now waiting to be killed.

A fortnight ago I published a truly fascinating and thought provoking guest post to the Official R Pitcher blog, Why you may wish to reduce your meat consumption – even if you hate animals!, which was written by Andy Gosling, a dear friend and former work colleague of mine.

Today I bring you my follow-up scribbles to Andy’s article, and discuss the subject of animal slaughter from a meat eaters perspective. I’m a meat eater who has only recently taken the time to realise the true process that animals endure, and the scale of killing, all so that us humans can enjoy delicacies such as burgers, chicken nuggets and bacon sandwiches.

It’s rather fitting that I recently posted an article about both past and current incidents of human genocide, and the lacklustre approach that the international community choose to take when dealing with the government’s involved and perpetrators of these crimes. The same can be said about the vast majority of the human race who choose to turn a blind eye to the gross mistreatment and mass killing of not millions (like in the cases of human genocide), but billions of animals per year.

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Why you may wish to reduce your meat consumption – even if you hate animals!

Andy Gosling's Guest Post

Published: 4th February 2013

This is a guest post. Author: Andy Gosling

Andy and I have been friends for a number of years now, he is a former work colleague of mine. Every so often we’ll meet up and have a catch-up over coffee and and discuss politics, current affairs and the like. We’re just a pair of geeks really.


There are many reasons why people choose to cut out meat from their diet, but you may be shocked or confused to find out that this is not simply due to a love for animals. This guest blog is going to address the reasons for going meat free that have NOTHING to do with animals at all (well – the ones that we consider edible).

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